TO3X - Saint Barthelémy dxpedition

TO3X Saint barthelemy Dxpedition

Dxpedtion date :  16 April – 30 April 2012

Operators : ON4CIT (nowON6DX) , OS1T

Equipment :

ICOM IC-7000,   6-band Broadband hexbeam,   verticals 30/40m,

Expert 1K-FA,  MicroHAM Micro-Keyer RTTY-CW,  Wintest-mmty

Thanks for donation and support from:

KF6ILA      JR5XPG     XE1RBV      PE1NCP  W1KMA     VK2MWG    JR0EQQ     OK1XD   W4WN      I1TXD       IK8SDA      UA6EED   OK1MP      WA3UTC     KN5O        DO8AH     RA3SD      JA1HGY      JA0CGJ     N6ORB   ZL4QJ      JA2LMA      DF2NS      WA4PBW   K4WSW    EI4GJB      NC1X        VK6HD   K1PL         N5KXF       K3TXT,      PS7DX    NH1HO    VK3QI        RA9CMO,    JE2URF,  W8CY       jL1QOC    N4ENE      VU2NKS     K9AQW     JH4ADV    VK2SF       W3YX   JR6FC    IK2FDV ZL1ANF     KH6P     W2DZ       N4ENE     OE6CLD     W4DSM      WB6RSE    VK3QI     JA1KTB     JA1FVE

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