BY4AA/ON4CIT,  BY4BZB/ON4CIT,   and BY4SZ (guest)

My trip to China started on 12 januari 2002.
At that time my callsign was ON4CIT
I was 3 weeks in China for QRL.
Before i left Belgium i aplied for a visitors license at the CRSA (Chinese Radio and Sports Association).
In the weekend i had the upportunity to visit several Chinese club stations
The first one was in Shanghai, about 150 Km from my hotel in Suzhou.
I could use the BY4AA station under supervision of the most friendly BA4AA, the manager of this clubstation.
I also met the manager of the BY4BZB station.
Later this day, i also could visit here clubstation, and again the uportunity to use the equipment.
The clubstation BY4AA had lots of transmitters.
Afther I could make some QSO’s to JA stations, I had a lunch with Xuru (ba4aa), Helen (by4bzb) and my guide (Fang)
Without Fang I probaly never found the station